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Catherine Larré, Anthèses

Exhibition at the art gallery of the Picture Museum until September 11, 2022, Pierre Gautier square 1, 06364 Nice Cedex 4, daily open (10am - 12.30am, 1.30pm - 6pm), phone :, ticket full price : 5€.


The photographer Catherine Larré highlights a universe looking like travel among the spleen country. Since 2010 she builds a kind of book where she puts and collects some pictures she replaces all the time. Catherine Larré takes after from that book picture who will become raw matter for her work. She deals with themes from childhood inside her world in a border between dreams and reality. Like the exhibited photographer Nick Knight at the Picture Museum she is deeply influenced by old painting masters. Catherine Larré catches the way of representing landscapes from the French impressionnists and also the way of painting time from the dutches of the 17th century.

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