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Nick Knight, roses from my garden

Exhibition at the Museum of photography Charles Nègre until September 25, 2022, 1 Pierre Gautier square, 06364 Nice Cedex 4, daily open except Mondays (10am - 6pm), phone :, ticket full price : 5€.


The English photographer Nick Knight tributes for the first time in France the delicate beauty of roses in "Roses from my garden" exhibition. Since 1983 and the pictures of Linda Evangélista he has made he becomes famous in fashion world. After that Nick Knight works a lot with some icons like Kate Moss or the singers Lady Gaga and Kanye West. In 2000 he creates the ShowStudio for building relationships between film directors, writers or influential people and also helping to understand moving picture in numerical times. Nick Knight realises "Roses from my garden" pictures by using a single IPhone with Intelligence Artificial for filling space between pixels and a pencil for touching up pictures giving them new life. He situates his own work in a period of time the still life painters of the 16th and 17th centuries like Jan Brueghel the Old man or Jan Van Huysum. Towards his experimentations Nick Knight pushes away the still life limits giving them a new life.

Nick Knight ''Sunday 6th November", (2016)

Nick Knight ''Sunday 6th November", (2016)

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